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Siva Nadi

Agasthiyar was an Siddhar wise man within the Vedas. It is also mentioned that his clan, the Agasthiyar clan. To be the ones who “authored” many of the mantras of the most ancient and highly revered Hindu text known as The Rig Veda, in the sense that the Supreme Brahman initially gave the mantras to him in his head. Agasthiyar also composed the Agasthiyar Samhita (ref: Bharathi Dharma] Agasthiyar is thought by many to be the most prestigious one of his generation of Seven Sages, or Saptarshis. The word may be written as Agasti or Agathiyar. Also, it is a name that has a connection to Shiva. Urvashi was also the place that Mitra as well as Varuna the Divine Beings were born, bringing forth Agasthiyar which is also known as the name of Muni. Agasthiyar is named after the Canopus star’s Indian Astronomical Name and is known as “cleanser of waters” because its rising coincides with Indian ocean’s cool. Sage Agasthiyar is believed to have sought assistance from the Kalakeyas the members of the Asura family, following their escape.

were able to escape from the Grandiose Sea, making it difficult to the Devas to defeat them. After learning about the Devas and their demons, the sage drank in the entire sea’s water and kept it in his body until the demons were defeated. In his book, he describes how to create medicines to treat a range of ailments such as impotence, cancer abdominal pain including eye and brain problems bone and all kinds of fevers. The book claims that his medicines are safe and provide rapid results.

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