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Through Nadi astrologus, you can know your past, present and future through the ancient and vedic study of thumb impressions done on a palm leaf.Our Guru, saravanan Swamy hails from a traditional family of nadi astrologers based in vaitheeswaran koil, Tamil Nadu, India. After mastering the art of nadi predictions, he had set up his own nadi astrology firm twenty five years ago. Several film stars, high profile businessmen and people from various industries have benefitted with his in-depth knowledge of Nadi astrology. His timely guidance has helped thousands of people overcome their problems and embrace a meaningful life. He has 100% satisfied clients all over India and aboard. To fulfill the growing demand of nadi Astrology Clients, the centre/firm is equipped with a knowledgeable team of nadi readers and translators who are well-versed in English,Hindi, Telugu, Kanada, and Malayalam.

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