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Nadi Astrology

Nadi astrology may be among the more mysterious areas that is part of Vedic astrology. It blends astrological knowledge as well as divine “seeings” of the past, present and future to create a distinctive vision of your soul’s destiny.

The readings are divided into chapters. Sometimes, they begin with a charming short dialogue or poem written by God Shiva with Goddess Parvathi. The majority of people read chapters 1-13 and 14 to get a general outline of what to expect in this life, as well as a description of the most significant past life issue which is now causing issues and the best way to eliminate the issue through a variety of cures.After you’ve completed these steps, you are able to explore other chapters that contain specific information on certain areas of your life or have specific questions addressed. Through their divine vision, these Siddhas also knew the type of questions you’d be asking during specific times and have already provided you with answer.

The classification of Nadi Jothidam

Nadis are separated based on what names were given to rishis and Sages who initially reported on the discoveries. Nadis are also named for planets. The most popular list of nadis is listed below.

Shiva Nadi
Visvamitra Nadi
Bogar Nadi
Pulipani Nadi
Agasthiya Nadi
Suka Nadi
Kaushika Nadi
Brahma Nadi
Sukra Nadi
Guru Nadi
Dhruva Nadi

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