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Nadi Astrology Remedies

When the soul is born human beings on this earth , it bears the actions of its previous life (good and bad Karma). So, the soul is carrying the various kinds of actions during the time of their birth on this planet. If a soul did only good, kind and good deeds during the past, the soul will reap positive results or benefits from its time on earth. In contrast when the soul has committed a sin in its past, the soul will reap negative results (miseries) out of its life. Thus, the soul’s actions are the reason for the sufferings and happiness that it encounters during this life. Therefore, the goal of a perfect soul must be to stay away from doing evil acts and instead perform good actions. It is believed that the world of matter is only a dream which is why the secrets of past births are hid from one’s self. This means that a person isn’t able to determine the reason for the plights and joys that they encounter in life. The soul that discovers the truth behind his birth and lives the life of a godly person, following that path to righteousness during his or her lifetime, will definitely enjoy all the benefits, in the same way as the saying goes “As you sow, so you reap

 In the words of this saying, we will reap good results only if we’ve sown good acts. The harvest is determined by how well the seed is that are sown on the land. Based on the law of nature, using the actions of our previous births as the base, the Almighty God is the ruler of the universe. “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” is the truth. If we consider doing good deeds and then put them into practice throughout our daily lives, we can enjoy the many benefits of our lives. There are many avenues that are recommended through Thulliya Nadi Astrology to atone of sin.

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